Jargon Buster

Discounted cash sum

Understanding why you are not receiving 100 pence for every £1 worth of property you are selling can be difficult. However, in order to continue living in the property you do not need to pay rent, which on average would be equivalent to 5% per annum of the property's value, e.g. on a typical £150,000 property rent would equate to £625 per month (£7,500 per year).


The value of your property in excess of any amount owed on a mortgage or other loan secured against it.

Equity Release

Unlocking equity in your home in return for a cash lump sum, a regular income or a combination of both.


The value of your assets, including all savings, possessions and property.


An Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) is someone who can explain and help you understand the benefits of equity release. They will provide advice on comparative plans from different companies. At Crown Equity Release we prefer to work together with IFAs At Crown Equity Release we prefer to work together with IFAs who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Investor or Investing Company

All of these are regulated by the FCA. The reversionary interest on your property will be owned by a Public Company (plc), a private investment company, family trust or an experienced individual investor.

Lease and Agreement

The legal documentation comprises of a lease and an agreement between you and the investing institution. The Lease allows you to remain in your home (or another property if you wish to move) until the death of the surviving partner; at this point the lease is automatically surrendered. The Agreement says that the investor will not interfere with your right to enjoy the property without disturbance as long as you continue to maintain the property to a reasonable standard and that you will pay for buildings insurance and community charge (just as you do now).

Negative Equity

Negative equity is where mortgage and loans secured on your home exceed the market value of your property. With a good equity release plan you will have a no negative equity guarantee ensuring your family will not be left in debt.


A qualified valuer will inspect your property and prepare a report that will outline the condition your property is in, what the value of your property is and what the property should be insured for.