Mark King

Founder and CEO

Crown Equity Release founder and CEO Mark has been conducting reversions since 1988 and has a wealth of experience working in Equity Release. Prior to working in equity release Mark was a forerunner in marketing commodity and currency hedge funds in London and New York.


Telephone: 07860 105050

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Denise Harley

Business Development Manager

With a background working in financial services as a bank manager for 25 years. Denise has a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing face to face with clients, arranging mortgages and loans and looking after their finances. As a previous advisor herself Denise understands how important these lifechanging decisions are and is always very solution focused. This is great for both the IFA and the client. Denise has a passion for property and experienced in buying and selling properties throughout the UK. Putting the client first and getting things right first time is why Denise is a great asset to the team.


Telephone: 07956 527524

Daniel Lowerson

Investor relations manager

Daniel has worked for over 20 years in finance services within the mortgage and secured loan sector. He has also been involved in several major property trading investment funds and the British housing market.

He is able to bring a wealth of knowledge from these sectors into equity release especially the home reversion products


Telephone: 07843 211053